Announcement from the Mods:

Hey all :) I know there's been a lot of curiosity about the new commenting system and when it might be arriving. Well it looks like Jezebel will be rolling it out at the end of the month. I'm here to tell you a bit about how this will impact Groupthink.

Anyone will still be able to respond to posts on GT, but as the system rolls out we'll be adding authors who can come in to create new posts. That's where the invitation you've heard about comes in. There will also be administrators of the forum who can add new authors themselves. So authors can create, anyone can reply, and admins can add authors. And if you post something on your personal blog and tag it to Groupthink, you may get the post shared by an author.

As information is released and the time approaches, I'll provide more info. The process of selecting authors and administrators is ongoing and is just beginning. But remember: Replying to threads and therefore having discussions is open to all. We'll keep you guys posted with new information and reminders as they come.

Thanks everyone! I suggest you try creating a blog on the new Kinja ( to play around with it and get used to the format. I suggest doing this ASAP. I've played around with the Observation Deck's new layout and I like it a lot, though it takes getting used to. I know it's always confusing when a new system goes through (I'm learning still too and don't have all the answers yet), but adjusting will happen. And of course, we mods have no control over things like when this goes through. But we'll update you as we can.

-The Mods

ETA: I, of course, meant to include the GT link as well. Our new home is here for now: But I want you guys to make sure your happy with your blog names and all first! We need to know names so we can go through with this adding process :)